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Event at synagogue, 2013 (RIJHA/Lowell Lisker)

Event at synagogue, 2013 (RIJHA/Lowell Lisker)

This online archive explores the various meanings of this place through the voices and memories of people who attended services here and have lived here past and present, historical photographs of the building and surrounding neighborhood, and a timeline. It was developed by Nate Weisenberg, a student in Brown University’s Public Humanities Master’s program, who began conducting an oral history project on this building in 2012.

We hope to continue to grow this collection in the years ahead. If you have a story or image to share, a question, or a comment, please contact us using the form below or by sending an email to broadstreetsynagoguememories [at]

Thank you to everyone who generously shared their time, memories, and perspectives for this project, including the following people and organizations: All project interviewees; Anne Sherman, Ruth Breindel and the Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association; Kate Wells and the Providence Public Library; Providence City Archives; Lee Teverow; the Rhode Island Historical Society; Steven Sussman; Harvey Michaels; Shai Afsai; Katharine Mead; George Goodwin; Geraldine Foster; Tyler Denmead; Rabbi Barry Dolinger; Steve Lubar and the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage. Special thanks to Adam Bush, Sam Seidel, and Annie Valk.

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